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Zombie Games Collection 1311590574994

Zombie Games Collection
Genre: Adventure, Zombie | Language: Eng or Multi
Size: 24.54 GB | FS+FSN+ULS

+Burn Zombie Burn-TiNYiSO

Welcome to the char-grilled world of Burn Zombie Burn, where the best type of undead is barbequed undead. The goals are simple: keep Bruce alive, as he tries to keep Daisy alive, and get the highest score possible. Standing (well, ambling) in your way is a never ending horde of the rotting, stinking and stupid undead. Fortunately our mild-mannered hero Bruce can get hold of some tasty weaponry. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible before they make Bruce their dinner. Flaming zombies are faster and more dangerous than regular uncooked zombies. But burning zombies drop better pickups and act as a score multiplier - light'em up, score big, and have fun.

A hoard of zombie types - dancers, exploders, armored, infectious, and fire-farting super zombies
An arsenal of weaponry - bats, guns of all sizes, chain saw, flamethrower, lawnmower, brain gun and groovy dance gun
Big red button - use weapon combos to enable the big red button and trigger unique level events
A healthy range of explosives - upgrade your everyday TNT for increasingly destructive explosives and mines
A truck load of pick-ups - ammo, defense for daisy, rampage, speed, time, TNT, TNT range and type upgrades, and junk food health boosters
6 infinite play arenas - The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-in, Army Base, Secret Lab
3 game modes - Free Play, Defend Daisy and Timed 10 challenges with alternate styles of play
Super un-lockable bonuses including multiple game rendering modes
A coffin full of in-game achievements to complete

+Day of the Zombie-TiNYiSO

The lack of proper English description should be a sufficient warning for everyone willing to tryout this masterpiece brought to you by the creators of (in)famous Marine Sharpshooter series. Day of the Zombie is a shooter very, very similiar to Land of the Dead: Return to Fiddlers' Green but... its even worser. In fact, this game looks almost the same as its 2005 counterpart. Hell, it uses even the same graphics and models (!!!) You
could just say: "Duh! It's probably just a dupe, scram!" But it is not!

It's an all-new american-college-styled horror story with comic cinematics and real American voiceovers! Why you haven't heard of it before? Probably because it was only released in Russia under translated title 'Den Zombi'. Judging by it local success (one of the major Russian game portals, AG.RU scored it on 8%), GrooveGames's dream of world release has faded and no one gave a damn about Day-of-the-Recycled... till this very hour!

+Fort Zombie-TiNYiSO

Release Information:
Fort Zombie is a focused-scope, casual RPG title in which the game world revolves around a single building your fort and the mission specific chunks of the small town that surrounds it. Instead of a major city or a
vast countryside, player s focus their efforts on building up a single structure, finding and training survivors, and venturing out into town looking for supplies.
Targeted directly at the after-work gamer, with gameplay similar to Dungeon Master meets Fallout, players take control of a particular building in town, and begin gathering the supplies and survivors needed to build it up by day and help defend it by night.

Choose one of three buildings the school, the prison, and the police station - as your Fort Zombie, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses!
Real time movement and combat keep the tensions level high while trying to achieve objectives before your characters run out of ammunition, food, or luck!
Dozens of zombies, some with special abilities derived from their half- remembered lives before becoming undead!
Piety, Indiana, a variable 3D town, created using Kerberos mix-and-match tile system, for maximum replayability. PhysX? engine adds to the mayhem! Dozens of town locations to search (stores, restaurants, gas stations, ruins, homes) and countless items to find and use in building up The Fort or building up your group characters (food, fuel, generators, tools, guns, etc.)
Collectible: NPC survivor-families give players surprising new abilities, but you have to find them all first!

+Plants Vs Zombies-FASiSO

Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants! Armed with 49 zombie-zapping plants like peashooters and cherry bombs, you'll need to think fast and plant faster to stop 26 types of zombies dead in their tracks. Obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge, and with five game modes to dig into, the fun never dies!

- Play five game modes: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival, plus the stress-free Zen Garden
- Conquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode -- through day, night and fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop
- Battle 26 types of zombies including pole-vaulters, snorkelers and 'Zomboni' drivers
- Earn 49 powerful perennials and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more!

+Zombie Driver-SKIDROW

Fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city to save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident that changed most of the city's population into mindless brain hungry monsters. Time is your enemy and your car is your weapon as you race through the streets smashing everything on your way including fences, phone booths, street lamps and hordes of zombies. When the gruesomely mutated zombies become
too much to handle, buy a new car or get more guns and upgrades installed. You can earn more money for finishing side quests, making kill combos and searching for hidden prizes. Game play is unrestricted and the player can freely roam through the dark streets, alleys and backyards searching for the best shortcuts or hidden power ups.

17 story missions with sub quests and bonus objectives,

Huge, free roaming city, infested by thousands of brain hungry zombies just waiting to be explored,

6 different cars including an unlockable super car,

9 different upgrades for each car, which can transform even an innocent Taxi into a Chariot of Death

All cars can be mounted with miniguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers or even dual railguns.

All weapons have 3 upgrade levels which come with unique features.

Dynamic combo system with tricks and hordes of zombies to try it on.

Many vicious zombie types including even zombie dogs

+Zombie Pirates Collectors Edition-TiNYiSO

A terrible figure called Gruesome George rose from the depths. In his wake arose untold legions of ravenous zombies, giant monsters, and even stranger creatures. But who or what is Gruesome George scouring the oceans for? Who is the Red Widow? And why is the notorious Scourge of Shang Ti, Fu Shan, fighting by the zombie lord's side? Join Smilin Jack O'Hurlihan, Esmeralda, and Dr. Theopolis as they attempt to solve this intriguing mystery and defeat the Zombie Pirates! Zombie Pirates is a unique adventure-strategy game in which the player travels about the Shimmering Seas battling ravenous hordes. Along the way, they'll gather treasures, unlock new ships and characters, and build mighty fleets to defeat wave after wave of relentless enemies. A colorful, cartoon-style game with something for all ages

An engrossing story with a surprise ending - "The Curse of the Red Widow" Colorful characters with numerous voiceovers

Dozens of unlockable friendly and enemy units, including numerous giant monsters

8 exotic locations ranging from Caribbean-like Cannibal Isles to the frozen wastes of Polaris

42 scenarios with 7 Boss Battles

16 Upgrades available at Tortuga Sally's Trading Port

35 Achievements

Replay levels for higher Ranks after completion of Adventure Mode

Collector's Edition also includes: HD motion cinematics

7 Challenge scenarios

5 Rum Running mini-games with a new boss Captain Montague! New Achievements

Bonus adventure "Jack's Nightmare!" with additional scenarios, boss battle, and rewards


Are you tired of infinite games about pesky survivors and unbelievable zombie's destruction? Do you find yourself fond of L4D Versus mode? Have you ever asked yourself, what would happen if zombies could have their own butt-kicking, intelligent and charismatic hero to lead them to ruin the civilized world as we know it? Then this game is for you: cut off survivor's routes to escape, destroy bunkers, gather your minions, quench
hunger, roll for the buffs, and maybe even solve the mystery behind your creation. And most of all start a bloody promenade on the real city streets: everything is dead serious when you hunt on the streets of the real Washington, DC, USA.

High-definition map of the real city, where the action takes place. 7 big maps of the Washington areas are carefully prepared for you to wreak havoc thereupon.
Gather the zombie horde and dare to roll over the bunkers. Control almost 100 zombies at once.
Upgrade your hero's abilities. Create a definite killer monster by unlocking new battle modes, powerful auras and other buffs.
16 improvement bonuses are available for the player during the game from a built-in slot-machine.
Varying mission objectives, each interwoven by an intriguing plot.
6 different types of enemies armed with 10 different deadly weapons.
8 levels with plot and different tasks.

+Zombie Shooter 2-SKIDROW

Zombie Shooter 2 is a unique blend of two game genres - Action and RPG. Every player can choose a character to the liking, get experience to develop skills, earn money and spend it at weapons, medications and useful devices. All of this will be used against thousands of enemies. The zombies fill the game screen, never letting you rest, even for a minute.

Imagine yourself coming to visit an unknown city and seeing it almost ruined, with all the citizens turned into zombies. What will you do? Call for help, orzanize a large-scale rescue campaign or... Try to dig your way out of the situation, find out what happened and use your last chance to save the person you love!

New project from the maker of the legendary Alien Shooter series.
Huge crowds of enemies, more than 100 zombies on one map at a time.
Ability to upgrade the main character's parameters.
More than 60 weapon types, including sniper rifles.
Lots of auxiliary devices, including radar and battle drones.
Several types of vehicles to drive.
Three game types: Campaign, Survive, Gun Stand.

+Left 4 Dead-SKIDROW

From Valve (the creators of Counter-Strike, Half-Life and more) comes Left 4 Dead, a co-op action horror game for the PC and Xbox 360 that casts up to four players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters.

Set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, L4D's survival co-op mode lets you blast a path through the infected in four unique movies, guiding your survivors across the rooftops of an abandoned metropolis, through rural ghost towns and pitch-black forests in your quest to escape a devastated Ground Zero crawling with infected enemies. Each "movie" is comprised of five large maps, and can be played by one to four human players, with an emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives.

New technology dubbed "the AI Director" is used to generate a unique gameplay experience every time you play. The Director tailors the frequency and ferocity of the zombie attacks to your performance, putting you in the middle of a fast-paced, but not overwhelming, Hollywood horror movie.

Addictive single player, co-op, and multiplayer action gameplay from the makers of Counter-Strike and Half-Life

Versus Mode lets you compete four-on-four with friends, playing as a human trying to get rescued, or as a zombie boss monster that will stop at nothing to destroy them.
An advanced AI director dynamically creates intense and unique experiences every time the game is played
20 maps, 10 weapons and unlimited possibilities in four sprawling "movies"
Matchmaking, stats, rankings, and awards system drive collaborative play
Designer's Commentary allows gamers to go "behind the scenes" of the game

+Left 4 Dead 2-Razor1911

This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through thece. L4D2 promises a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience every time the game is played, custom-fitted to your style of play. cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns. You'll play as one of four new survivors armed with a wide and devastating array of classic and upgraded weapons. In addition to firearms, you'll also get a chance to take out some aggression on infected with a variety of carnage-creating melee weapons, from chainsaws to axes and even the deadly frying pan.

You'll be putting these weapons to the test against (or playing as in Versus) three horrific and formidable new Special Infected. You'll also encounter five new "uncommon" common infected, including the terrifying Mudmen. Helping to take L4D's frantic, action-packed gameplay to the next level is AI Director 2.0. This improved Director has the ability to procedurally change the weather you'll fight through and the pathways you'll take, in addition to tailoring the enemy population, effects, and sounds to match your performan

+Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing

4 Dead ?, recognized by many publications best game of the year 2008 in its genre. At this time, you along with friends to pass through the city, swamps and cemeteries of the American South - from the port of Savannah to New Orleans - during the 5 extensive campaigns. You play as one of four surviving heroes who have a wide range of all kinds of weapons, like the classic design, and improved versions. In addition to firearms you will be able to deal with stiff and in her own way, like a man, picking up a chainsaw, axes, or a deadly awesome destructive ... pan! Yes, now dead finally have a thing to fear! From now on decaying flesh, too, knows the fear!
You have to use the entire arsenal against the monstrous no special Infected (or playing for them in the mode of Versus). You also will meet with "unusual" normal infected, including the nightmarish madmenov (mudmen). To make a mad L4D gameplay even more violent, "Director? (AI Director), Artificial Intelligence, which tracks your actions in the original game and correct the environment on the basis of this analysis, now reached the next level - 2.0! From now on, it changes the weather, the population of zombies, their behavior, different effects and sounds based on your behavior more effectively. "Director" adjust for L4D2 suit your style of play. You only do not forget to pull the trigger or to beat monstryatinu those that came to hand!

+Dead Rising 2-SKIDROW
The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror to Fortune City, America's latest and greatest entertainment playground. Featuring a new story, two online multiplayer modes (2-player co-op campaign and a 4-player "TV show" themed Pay-Per-View event that pits humans against zombies), thousands of on-screen zombies and more, Dead Rising 2 takes zombie survival horror to a whole new level. As Chuck Greene, you have 72 hours to save your infected daughter, clear your name and survive the hordes of hungry zombies before the military comes in and nukes the city. To ensure your survival, you can combine everyday objects to create numerous deadly combo weapons and slaughter the ravenous zombies. Dead Rising 2, it's where Creativity Kills.

Sequel to the critically acclaimed and 1 million+ selling Dead Rising: Dead Rising 2 is bigger and better in every way, adding new custom combo weapons, multiplayer and thousands of zombies on-screen at once!

Thousands of Zombies On Screen: The undead are everywhere creating a dynamic and challenging zombie-killing experience for the player as weapons will be created to kill massive amounts of zombies at one time!

Combo Weapons: Players can combine two everyday items using duct tape to create the ultimate zombie killing creations such as the Portamower and Paddlesaw. Unlocking combo cards along the way will give players the advantage as the helpful cards will show you what items are best for combining.

New Storyline and Characters: A new protagonist, Chuck Greene, must save his infected daughter, clear his name, and survive 72 hours in Fortune City.

2-Player Co-Op: Online co-op play is introduced to the Dead Rising universe for the first time as players can invite their friends to partner up with them at any time to take on the zombie massacre- tag-team style! Killing zombies with a friend is always more fun!

4-Player Terror is Reality: 4 players compete in a gladiator type TV show named Terror Is Reality that pits zombies against a group of players in the ultimate Vs. multiplayer blood bath

+Stubbs the Zombie DVD-RELOADED

The game Stubbs the Zombie is set in a fictional City of the Future in 1959.To complement this theme, the tracks are new versions of songs made famous in this era, with the exception of the zombie inspired original track "the Living Dead" by California's Phantom Planet. Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack is one of the first game soundtracks to feature all original recordings, as opposed to the licensed music most games employ today. The songs are as unique as the game and can be found only on the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack

* Conversion - Death is not the end! When Stubbs kills an enemy, they become one of his zombie followers. These zombies will attack humans when possible and attempt to follow Stubbs in his crusade. Building and maintaining a horde of zombies is crucial to beating the game's biggest encounters.
* The Hand Stubbs can detach his hand, throw it and control the hand as a separate character. The hand is faster than humans, can go places where Stubbs can't fit, is expendable (so it can be sent into certain death), and can possess human characters.
* Possession - Using his detached arm, Stubbs can possess human characters, giving him access to their weapons, speed, and other abilities.
* Gut Grenade - Stubbs can throw gut grenades, a ranged area-of-effect weapon. He can reach into his gut, pull out some viscera and lob it like a grenade to cause damage and stun opponents.
* Unholy Flatulence - Stubbs can unleash unholy flatulence, a local, last ditch area-of-effect attack, which will kill humans in the immediate vicinity.
* Zombie Strength - Stubbs' super-strength allows him to smash through boarded-up doors and lay waste to the humans cowering behind it with powerful melee attacks.
* Bowling Heads -- Strike! Stubbs can bowl his head into enemies and strategically detonate it. After the head explodes, it turns anyone in the vicinity into zombies.

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Zombie Games Collection
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