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 Faust Seven Games Of The Soul

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PostSubject: Faust Seven Games Of The Soul   Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:37 pm

_______ Shared by bubgamem4m _______
    Game:Faust Seven Games Of The Soul
    Genre: Adventure
    Download size: 2.25 GB

Seven Games of the Soul is a 3d fantasy adventure game where you play as the role Marcellus Faust, an old wise

man from Mississippi. Faust is the last guard of Dreamland, an unused theme park. Mephisto, an aristocrat demon

appears on night. He is a supreme manipulator and tempter. Cross the frontiers of time to investigate the parks

strange past and its most unusual inhabitants. Discover their dark secrets as you attempt to solve the seven

mysteries which haunt these walls.
In a graphically awesome atmospheric setting, Seven Games of the Soul has an immersive soundtrack of

UNIVERSAL hits including Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Stan Getz and John Lee Hooker.

System Requirement:

    Pentium 200 MMX or equivalent
    32 MB RAM
    16 bit graphic card (24 bit recommended), 2Mb video memory
    12x CD ROM Drive
    290MB available HDD space

Trailer or gameplay video:


Link Download:
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Faust Seven Games Of The Soul
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