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 Neobux Ultimate strategy

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PostSubject: Neobux Ultimate strategy   Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:51 am

NEOBUX Strategy:

1. Click all ads everyday
2. Upon reaching 2$ in your account, transfer it to your rental balance.
3. Rent 3 referral pack (costs you 0.75$)
4. Recycle referral if he/she don’t click within 4-5 days, but before doing that, check first his AVG. If he still averages 1.5 click and above, give him 1 or 2 days before recycling.
5. If you have observed that these referrals are active, extend the 2 of them for 90 days.(costs you 0.62$).
6. Two weeks after you rented these referrals, rent again for three another pack.
7. Repeat step 4 and 5
8. Rent 3 referral pack ( You now have 9 total referrals)
9. Repeat step 4 and 5
10. Now, extend the 3 remaining referrals to 90 days if you have enough renting balance.
11. You now have 9 RR’s who are all extended for 90 days.
12. Again rent 3 referral pack.
13. Extend this referrals for 90 days
14. Now you have 12 RR’s, all extended for 90 days
15. This time, start renting bigger referral pack. Advisable is 10 referral pack (costs2.5$)
16. Don’t forget the recycling strategy.
17. Continue renting and extending referrals until you reach 300 RR’s.
18. Stop renting RR’s by this time but don’t forget the recycling strategy.
19. Wait until your main balance hits 90$
20. Upgrade to GOLDEN account. This time, you will double your income from your RR’s from 0.005$ per click to 0.01$per click.
21. Rent more RR’s if you want to earn big and just repeat the cycle. Recycling is the main key in getting active referrals.


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Neobux Ultimate strategy
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