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 CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual

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PostSubject: CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual   CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2011 2:04 pm

CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual 36ecd6

CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual | 96 MB

Software CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 is a comprehensive tool for retouching digital images and image archive management. With this package, CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 novice photographers can turn ordinary snapshots into works of art. For more productive work, all available features and tools PhotoDirector 2011 are grouped into three categories. Non-destructive editing environment will allow owners to experiment with cameras taking photos without worrying about losing the original image. In PhotoDirector 2011vstroena support for RAW-format used by digital cameras from leading manufacturers.

The performance PhotoDirector ensured that all the functions and tools are divided into groups. The group included Adjustment tools to retouch images, white balance control, color correction, noise reduction, brightness and contrast of the image, eliminating defects in images and remove red eye. Under Library there are tools to work with libraries of images PhotoDirector. The last group - Slideshow. With these tools, CyberLink PhotoDirector user can create a slide show of high quality photographs from a library of images.

CyberLink PhotoDirector has several advantages, such as:
- Fast, intuitive interface;
- A wide selection of preview photos;
- A unique technology to keep the original image and the presence of a complete history of its changes with the possibility of returning to previous steps;
- Built-in support for RAW format cameras, Canon and Nikon;
- Ability to create their own profile settings, and download ready-made profiles created by other users of the resource;
- The ability to publish photos on Facebook and Flickr;
- The availability of tools to create stunning slideshows with HD-quality resolution up to 1080p, and functions to load them on YouTube.

PhotoDirector transforms your photography by smoothing the flow from the time an image is imported to your PC to its final output. PhotoDirector features a vast array of cutting edge editing tools, including amazing Adjustment Brushes, White Balance, Noise Reduction and many more. Save your favorite enhancements as adjustment presets and upload to directly from PhotoDirector 2011 to share them with other users, and download an unlimited number of presets created by other users. With a vast array of dynamic features, PhotoDirector is engineered to bring out the absolute best of your photography. Turn Photos into Masterpieces. Develop spectacular photos that express your creative vision. Experience native support for RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras and explore the vast potential of your creativity in PhotoDirector's nondestructive editing environment. Easily manage large batches of photos and massive photo libraries.

- Fast, Intuitive Workflow
Photo workflow software designed specifically to smooth the flow from the time an image is imported to your PC to its final output.
- Amazing Adjustment Tools
The best way to spectacular photos. PhotoDirector delivers all the cutting edge tools to retouch and enhance your photos.
- Precise Regional Adjustments
Target specific areas of your photos with dynamic regional adjustment tools. Adjustment Brushes, Gradient Mask and much more.
- Freedom to Experiment
Explore your creative potential! PhotoDirector is a nondestructive editing environment that inspires your creative flow.
- Native RAW Support
Native rendering of RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras maintains the immaculate quality of your images.
- Connect with DirectorZone
Create, share and download unlimited adjustment presets from the passionate community.Learn more

CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 Features:
- Import and organize all your photos in the library for easy browsing and editing.
- View each individual photo's metadata information.
- Add and embed keyword tags and copyright information in photos.
- Crop and rotate photos, or apply touch-ups such as red-eye and spot removal.
- Modify photo color and white balance with easy to use adjustment controls.
- Sharpen photos and correct photos that contain unwanted vignetting or image noise.
- Create dazzling photo slideshows and output them as video files.
- Share photos on Facebook and Flickr, and upload created photo slideshows directly to YouTube.

OS: Windows 7, Vista and XP 32bit SP3 * (Windows XP Service Pack 3 is required)
Language: English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), German, French, Italian

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CyberLink PhotoDirector Deluxe 2011 v2.0.2105 Multilingual
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