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 TextExpander 3.3.3

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PostSubject: TextExpander 3.3.3   TextExpander 3.3.3 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 9:42 am

TextExpander 3.3.3 53ef11c03125fe5d1537863506741ddc

TextExpander 3.3.3 | Mac OSX | 6.5 Mb

TextExpander (formerly Textpander) is a customizable typing shortcut tool that saves time and keystrokes. With TextExpander, you can define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, also known as snippets. When an abbreviation is typed, it expands automatically to the full snippet.

Here are a few examples for what you can do with TextExpander:
• Insert standard greetings, phrases, boilerplate paragraphs, and signatures - including formatted text and pictures.
• Correct typos automatically
• Organize snippets into groups
• Add predefined snippet groups, including HTML, CSS, Autocorrect, Accented Words, and Symbols groups.
• Shorten long URLs automatically with the Internet Productivity snippet group
• Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer.
• Sync snippets via MobileMe

TextExpander is controlled from its own preference pane inside your System Preferences. Designed for easy handling, TextExpander blends in perfectly with your operating system.

Version 3.3.3:
• Fixed font size mismatch in Mail
• Fixed issue with formatted text fill-ins
• Fixed issue with disabled expansion after using Mission Control
• Fixed issue expanding in some file dialogs (e.g. Preview, TextEdit)
• Added additional logging to help diagnose outstanding issues
• Other fixes and improvements
Note: A small number of users report TextExpander loses their snippet data upon restart. We have been unable to reproduce the problem. If you experience this problem, please choose Enable Logging and Enable Detailed Logging from TextExpander's Help menu. If you find TextExpander has lost your snippets, please launch the Console application, found in the Utilities folder of Applications. Select All Messages and press Reload. Copy everything written to the console log into an email to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. The more data we receive, the better chance we have of finding the problem and fixing it.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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TextExpander 3.3.3
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